May 25, 2024
How To Choose Reclaimed Wood Flooring In Phoenix?

The quest for character-filled antique wood, known as reclaimed wood, has evolved in the industry full-fledged with the last decade. Reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix not only gives a long-lasting impression but also makes it the best authentic choice for many homes and commercial spaces.

Below are some advice pieces for finding the perfect type of reclaimed wood flooring for the home or office space.

Wood Is Dry

While choosing reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix, make sure the wood is dry. Wood that is soggy or degraded will be tough to work with and will not last long for any of your projects you are planning to use. Before purchasing any reclaimed wood, check that the wood is completely dry as excess moisture may allow insects to thrive and lead to warping in wooden floors.

Wood Is Stable

Reclaimed woods come from trees that are at least 20 years old or more. It is one of the reasons for its durability and strength. Reclaimed timbers grow naturally with exposure to a variant temperature that makes the wood flooring in Phoenix stronger and lasts longer. However, please beware of any soft spots, rot, or mold patches as it may indicate structural weakness. If the wood looks structurally sound from the outside, it will also be fine inside.

Keep Aesthetics In Mind

While choosing reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix, keep the result in mind as the product has to look great and complement the desired style for your project. Therefore, it is essential to ask the right questions upfront to ensure your selection is the one that maintains a level of intrigue 5 or 10 years later. Reclaimed wood flooring not only enhances any interior design concept but also matches the décor and color palette of your home or office space.

Purchase From A Trustworthy Disbutors

Just as you choose experts to handle various tasks in your home or workplace, there is also a risk level if you aren’t aware of the person’s expertise and experience. Also, remember old wood doesn’t always mean good wood. Therefore, please search for the stores that know where the reclaimed wood originates from they are dealing with. If you care about buying the best-reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix, you should go with the company specializing in reclaimed wood flooring. Please do thorough research about them before making any purchase.

Tonal Variation

While using reclaimed wood flooring in Phoenix, choose the right color oil to even out the floor’s tone. It will not be as uniform as pre-finished new wood but will give the right color when using reclaimed wood. You may also speak to your fitter about coloring options to give your project a unique look.

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